Collection: KEGS

Our draught beer is packaged in Key Kegs and is available in 30L or 20L kegs depending on ABV and style.

Shipping rates on kegs are £5 for 1-2 kegs and £10 for 3+ kegs.

8 products
  • Conflux Pale Ale (30L)
  • Collision IPA (30L)
  • Prinzen Lagerbier (30L)
  • Wowee Zowee West Coast IPA (20L)
  • Grayson Lemon & Vanilla Pale (20L)
  • Kalopsia Double IPA (30L)
  • Thinking With Portals Spelt Black IPA (20L)
  • Danse Macabre Maple Iced Latte Baltic Porter (20L)