Collection: KEGS

Our draught beer is packaged in Key Kegs or Kegstar Sankey Kegs and are available in 30L or 20L kegs depending on ABV and style.

Shipping rates on kegs are £5 for 1-2 kegs and £10 for 3+ kegs.

13 products
  • CONFLUX Hazy Pale Ale (30L Sankey)
  • BRB Pilsner (30L Sankey)
  • ONLY THE SEA Hazy IPA (30L Keykeg)
  • May Provisions BELGIAN GOLDEN ALE (20L Keykeg)
  • HUG IT OUT Chocolate & Hazelnut Stout (30L Keykeg)
  • Many Hands Hazy IPA (30L Keykeg)
  • May Provisions BEST BITTER (9G)
  • SO SEEN Hazy IPA w/ FLOC (30L Keykeg)
  • JUXT Affogato Stout (30L Keykeg)
  • TOPPED Pear & Blackberry Crumble Sour (30L Keykeg)
  • NONFLUX Low Alcohol Hazy Pale Ale (30L Sankey)
  • NANCY West Coast IPA (30L Sankey)
  • BOOM BAP Hazy Pale Ale (30L Sankey)